Hit your goals!


In the first blog of this series, we talked about writing better resolutions, which are specific, measurable, timed, and have a “why.” You can find that blog here.

Now that you have a set of resolutions, how do we troubleshoot flagging resolutions? I think the more accountability, the better.

  • Review your goals DAILY. Another  way is to set up an accountability system. Post them where you can see them.
  • Another person can help keep you accountable- find a friend to workout with, for instance.
  • Similar to this would be to find a group to meet with, like Weight Watchers meetings if you’re trying to lose weight, or a book club if you’re trying to read more. Even a Facebook group can help, but you have to find some way to get yourself to post weekly, at least, in the group. Starting a smaller group with friends who will check in on each other might work well if you’re concerned about blowing off the check-in.
  • I set timers in todoist, which remind me to check into my fitness program, and check in with a group that I keep up with. The act of checking off the boxes is rewarding in itself for me, and this helps the habit become self-perpetuating.
  • Stickk (www.stickk.com) is a different way to keep to your goals, and uses proven methods to help. You choose a goal, put up an agreed amount of money to be given to charity (and you can pick a cause you don’t agree with, so if you quit, you’re giving money to a group you really don’t like!), find a “referee” and start working on your goal! This would be a goal tracker and motivator all in one.

What apps are there for goal setting? A ton! The best one is the one you’ll stick with. Among the most popular:

  1. Strides (www.stridesapp.com): Free app for basic, $4.99 for premium version. This is the one I use on my iPhone, and really like it. I think it is simple to set up, and simple to use. You set your goals, and then click “yes” or “no” daily. It tracks your progress, and can prompt you to keep up with your goal. There is also an apple watch app. I have the free version and have not needed the premium yet.
  2. Today (https://neybox.com/today/): free app, $4.99 for premium version. Beautiful to look at, similar to Strides but no apple watch app as of this writing.
  3. Streaks (http://streaksapp.com): $3.99. Simple, chic layout. Same concept as the other two habit trackers above.
  4. Any task tracker: Do you need a habit tracker? I use one for ease and to see the consecutive days I have performed the habit, but really, I could use todoist if I were not interested in seeing consecutive days.

What task tracker do you use? What resolutions are you planning to make?

Author: lisayoung57

I’m a Board Certified psychiatrist, practicing on the East Coast of the US. I started this blog because I love planning, efficiency, minimalism, and technology, but am also strongly interested in making life better! I strongly believe that personal technology can make our lives easier, and minimize the time we do things that are less important to us. I hope you’ll come along on the journey with me of how to combine high-tech and the best of low-tech to make our lives better. I love Apple products, and will write about about uses for them in my own life and others on these pages. I am not affiliated with Apple, or any other company. Other things I like to do are read, meditate, drink coffee and tea, travel, hike, cook and spend time with my husband and two children. I have recently written a textbook chapter for Oxford University Press.

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